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7 Week In-Person Course (14 Classroom Hours)

A more in-depth and immersive 7 Pillars experience with a key focus area
for each of the seven sessions and weekly assignments to complete.

  150 Bay Street, Jersey City     Starts Wed, Oct 11th, 2017   Class Capacity: 40 Students

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and Marketers –
learn and put this comprehensive marketing system to work for your business!

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Increase your Digital Marketing IQ!

The beauty of this course is that it brings every little detail – from a mobile app feature, to a specific search engine keyword – back to the whole. Marketing is a holistic, interconnected field that requires a framework to understand how everything fits together.

Understand the latest Digital Strategies!

This is a new prism through which to view the entire universe of digital and traditional marketing ideas, tactics and techniques. 7 Pillars illuminates the entire digital ecosystem and provides a practical methodology for understanding the full spectrum of digital marketing opportunities.

Learn how to evaluate marketing aptitudes!

Using the 49er Matrix and the 7 Levels, you will become well versed in evaluating the marketing aptitudes of yourself, your team, particular tasks and the marketing tactics you choose for your digital strategies and campaigns.

Manage campaigns efficiently with strong ROI!

The knowledge in this course can be implemented by even non-technical business owners to effectively manage campaigns and deliver strong ROI. You will be a Digital Marketing Expert (or Blue Belt Samurai as we call it) in no time!

Course Schedule

Sessions take place between 6:30pm – 8:30pm

  • Wed Oct 11th – *Introduction to The 7 Pillars Framework 
  • Wed Oct 18th – *P1: Content and P2: UX/Design 
  • Wed Oct 25th – *P3: SEO, P4: Media and P5: CRM 
  • Wed Nov 1st – *P6: Social Media and P7: Mobile 
  • Wed Nov 8th – *Applying the 7 Pillars to Entrepreneurship 
  • Wed Nov 15th – *Overview of The 7 Pillars of Traditional Marketing 
  • Wed Nov 22nd – Building Your Venture Vision

*This session is available as a single class.

What are the 7 Pillars?

Traditional or Digital Marketing alike, content is still (and always has been) King! Content is the lifeblood of all marketing, which is particularly apparent online. After all, the entire web is comprised of searchable content. If it weren’t for content, Search Engines would be non-existent, as would Social Networks.
This Pillar covers all aspects of digital UX, including Web Development, App Development, Web Design and even Web Hosting & Maintenance. Every element on every page of a website calls for well thought-out UX, including creative assets, like banner ads, forms, calls to action and header graphics.
Search highlights a quantum leap that the Internet has enabled marketers and people in general to enjoy. Thanks to the power of this mighty Pillar, finding what one seeks and much more has never been so effortless. Mastery of Search has yielded billions of dollars in revenue for many entrepreneurs and online companies. Meanwhile, our collective dependence on “The Search Gods” (a.k.a. Google) has everyone scrambling to crack the code, spawning new industries, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Media: Pillar 4 comprises all forms of Online Advertising, essentially any paid media placement including banner ads, PPC ads (Pay Per Click), endorsements, sponsored emails and Social Media advertising. This Pillar’s core concept of paid media is present in various forms across several other Pillars (i.e. Social, CRM, Search etc.) again highlighting the interconnectedness of this system.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in the context of the 7 Pillars model, refers to all forms of customer or lead interaction and the associated tools that organizations use to manage their contact data. Segmenting user databases by various demographics and characteristics is a core CRM function. Email Marketing, to either prospective or existing customers, is another key CRM tactic. As of late, there is a big trend towards Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing, both of which fall under the Pillar of CRM. CRM is a very close cousin of its Traditional Marketing counterpart, Sales. Customer Service is also an aspect of CRM and one that is often undervalued.
Pillar 6 includes all forms of organic Social Media activity. This includes communications within all social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat and the plethora of others), relationship building with prospective customers and industry influencers, as well as content distribution. Online PR, an extension of Traditional PR, falls under Pillar 6 as well since it is a form of Social Media, in a sense.
In 7 Pillars, Mobile covers everything from mobile apps to mobile websites and mobile advertising. It is almost big enough to require its own distinct category from the whole of Digital Marketing. More so than any other Pillar, Mobile is in the center and all other Pillars can be viewed through this lens.

Who is this course for?

Individuals who are looking to expand their Digital Marketing knowledge!

Regardless of whether you're a beginner, intermediate or at an advanced level, 7 Pillars can add real value for you and your Marketing ROI.

This course is NOT for anyone looking to make a quick buck or to gain 1,000,000 Facebook fans overnight.

The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing is a holistic system that teaches students the value of understanding each Pillar both individually and how it relies on the other Pillars too.


Digital Strategy entails the creation and articulation of a marketing plan (utilizing 1 or more Pillars), based on all of the information provided and discovered through the other Modes. It requires high-level critical thinking and communication skills to convey the approach effectively to everyone involved in the project.
Content Marketing is a prominent Pillar and works through the other Pillars in a more interdependent manner than any other. Content covers all forms of copywriting, including website, blog, social media and online ad copy. Photography (both stock and original) is also an important form of content for website properties and video assets for digital usage. So we have 1) Text, 2) Audio, 3) Video and 4) Graphical forms of Content.
SEO refers to the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. A primary component of Pillar 3 (Search).
Social media marketing is the process of gaining visitors to your website or attention through social media channels. Social media marketing usually centers on creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their connections via social networks.
Web design refers to the many different skills and disciplines in the production, design and maintenance of websites. Heavy interaction with other Pillars is shown here, as these marketing assets take direction from Design’s parallel Traditional Pillar 2 (Branding) and utilize Pillar 1 (Content).
Digital advertising refers to the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital platforms and technologies to reach and convert leads into customers.
Branding is the differentiation of a company, product or service based on particular qualities, features, aspects or benefits. Both a noun and a verb, branding can be used to describe the identity of a company and their products or services. It is also the act of visually displaying a company’s logo on something for recognition and differentiation.
Analytics is the statistical analysis of data in order to optimize the performance of a website, marketing campaign etc. and ROI is where a Marketing team locks-in its forward-looking goals and associated budgets.

Meet Your Instructors

Arman Rousta


Arman is Blueliner’s CEO and has built several successful companies, including Ajustco, 401kid and Exeter Technologies. Arman’s 7 Pillars system has been utilized to drive millions of dollars in marketing ROI for Fortune 500 companies and Startups alike.

Conor Dalton


Conor is an experienced Marketing PM with a proven track record delivering results and executing successful marketing campaigns. With a strong background in Social, SEO and Digital Advertising, Conor brings this wide array of expertise to teaching this course.


About 7 pillars

The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing™ is a comprehensive framework and a new paradigm for learning and mastering the ever evolving discipline of marketing. It provides a new prism through which to view strategy, budgeting, execution and analysis of the entire universe of integrated (digital and traditional) marketing ideas, tactics and techniques.

7 Pillars illuminates the entire Internet ecosystem – from Social Media to Website Analytics – and provides a practical methodology for understanding the full spectrum of digital marketing opportunities.

“7 Pillars presents an innovative and comprehensive marketing framework that will supercharge the marketing efforts and strategies of your local business.”

Arman Rousta

CEO of Blueliner Marketing & Creator of 7 PIllars