Our History

The 7 Pillars is a practical, comprehensive framework for learning and mastering marketing fundamentals, both traditional and digital. It provides a scientific methodology and full suite of tools through which marketers, entrepreneurs, and executives can develop, manage, optimize and analyze ROI-driven marketing plans.

Author of the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing and CEO of b.labs Ventures, Arman Rousta, first created this methodology with marketing templates and samples for his agency team and clients to be able to access a complete planning and organizational system, which facilitated strategy development and overall business decision-making. Since its inception in 2004, Blueliner has leveraged 7 Pillars as the foundation for all of its marketing efforts for startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, driving multi-millions of dollars in ROI. As a result, this methodology has been forged in the fire of nearly 20 years of marketing trials, getting refined along the way with every shortfall and success.

Mission & Vision

The purpose of 7 Pillars is to empower professionals at all levels, from entrepreneurs to small business owners to corporate executives, with a reliable, go-to resource and foundation for marketing success. We are committed to advancing lifelong marketing knowledge and skills through integrated education programs, best practice guide materials and marketing plan software, including the Marketing Matrix.

The 7 Pillars system goes beyond merely teaching specific marketing strategies and tactics; it teaches the overarching principles that govern business in our modern, digital era.