Mode 1: Brainstorming

Brainstorming involves gathering information and generating all types of ideas about whatever the vision at hand is, and how it can be refined and attained. Tap into this mindset at the beginning stages of any project but don’t forget to revisit it at key project milestones.

Mode 2: ROI

Return on Investment (or ROI) is essentially the process of creating and reconciling our goals (Return) with our budgeted or available resources (Investment). There are many types of goals – beyond purely financial – and ways to measure ROI, which 7 Pillars
helps you evaluate.

Mode 3: Strategy

This Mode comes into play most when a team is assembled, or a project is underway. Strategy comes before tactics and should provide a solid framework within which decisions on Pillars and tactics can be made. Effectively the midpoint between Modes 1 (Brainstorming) and 6 (Execution), Strategy is the most pervasive of all Modes.

Mode 4: People

A focus on recruiting, team building, performance analysis, and professional development generate many important questions.. Who can execute the Strategy? What’s the right mix of people by skill level, personality type, and location, etc.?

Mode 5: Tools

There is a constantly evolving plethora of apps and web-based tools out there to organize, manage and analyze various types of marketing and web projects. Best practices for Mode 5 involve streamlining the process of picking the right tools and saving teams hundreds of hours of potentially “wasted” manual effort, which can make or break a campaign’s success.

Mode 6: Execution

Here’s where the rubber meets the road with tangible, hands-on tactical work. With people, budgets, tools, marketing plans and strategies in place,
it is time to play ball.

Mode 7: Analytics

Analytics is like the human brain, as it is the memory and cognitive source within. The best analysts are objective with available data, picking up on signals, making judgments, and offering appropriate revisions for better Execution and possibly refined Strategy going forward.