The 7 Angles

The Angles represent the sides or ways up the Pyramids. Individuals choose to ascend the Pyramid (developing their skills) up one of the main sides or one of the corners.

There are three Flat Angles which correspond to the four main sides of the Pyramid; and four Sharp Angles, which correspond to the four corners of the Pyramid (see diagram below). The Flats have more specificity to marketing, broader career opportunities, generally more tasks and are more conductive to a broader group of people. Meanwhile, the Sharps are critical components with more specialized skill sets that help to shape and organize the Pillars, and consequently, the Universe of Marketing.

What is your main Function or Angle – the area or two where you are most focused on adding value to your work? We use this visualization of a Mountain or Pyramid to reflect all the Angles which need to be covered in an organization, and for the individual, as a way to reflect on their career path.

Angle 1: Marketing (A1-Flat )

You take this track if you care about communicating, presenting and selling ideas. You likely aren’t a program developer or designer. Lead generation and raising brand awareness matters for you.

Angle 2: CREATIVE (A2-Flat)

Are you primarily attuned to audio-visual content that dominates our senses? This very graphical
track might be for you!

Angle 3: TECHNICAL (A3-Flat)

Are you into the codebase or infrastructure of apps and websites? This track is for people who like to wireframe, spec out and code projects.

Angle 4: MANAGEMENT (A4-Sharp)

Do you make a lot of lists and presentations? Giving tasks and project teams order and
direction is your thing.

Angle 5: FINANCIAL (A5-Sharp)

Financial folks are comfortable negotiating and keeping up with the changing domestic and global money landscape. They are responsible for ensuring that the company’s metrics and KPIs are keeping up.

Angle 6: LEGAL (A6-Sharp)

Every company needs a lawyer or compliance team to defend, interpret and abide by the laws that govern media and the Internet. You don’t want to be ill-equipped to deal the powerful forces of interconnection and cross-border trade.

Angle 7: VENTURE (A7- Sharp)

Since the dawn of the Internet in 1993, entrepreneurs and investors have flocked to the web to claim their share of the virtual gold rush. If you are focused on product development and venture building, this is your core function.