7 Pillars Online Courses

The 7 Pillars online courses are designed specifically to empower professionals at all levels, from entrepreneurs to small business owners to corporate executives. It’s a 2-hour online course that will provide you with tangible and actionable assets like:
  • Know-how of a new framework that helps you and your team make effective business decisions on a daily basis.
  • Methods for objectively evaluating skill sets and performance of agencies and in-house team members.
  • Hands-on training for trending and most effective digital marketing tactics, across all 14 Pillars (7 Digital and 7 Traditional).
  • Customizable marketing strategy templates to plan and manage campaigns and drive ROI.
Learn how to create organizational clarity for:
  • TEAM – Who is involved in the project and what are their profiles (skill sets, Work Personality Types, etc.)?
  • LEADERSHIP – Who is in charge? Who are the key stakeholders?
  • AUDIENCE – Who is the target audience (by segment)?
  • TACTICS – What are the main tasks and tactics involved? What tools are available?

There is a 7 Pillars Academy’s flagship course, which is accessible 24/7 online as well as on mobile. It provides students with all the critical language and baseline knowledge required to implement the framework in their careers, including an overview on all 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing, 7 Pillars of Traditional Marketing, 7 Core Principles, 7 Modes of Business and Work Personality Types. Those who complete this online course will, regardless of their starting point, be able to elevate their strategic and decision-making abilities in the realms of Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Digital Advertising & Media, Branding, and ROI/KPI Analytics.
This course is an effective complement to take alongside one of our in-person courses; it is highly recommended that all students also read the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing book (print or e-book version) before or while taking the course.
Online Course features include:
Over 2 hours of on-demand instructional video
61 Articles
5 Supplemental Resources
Full lifetime access.
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