Custom 7 Pillars Workshop
(Corporate Track)

Having trouble being objective with your company or team members’ performance? Are your marketing efforts subject to outdated practices? Alternatively, are you simply looking for fresh ideas to boost the bottom line?
This tailored workshop will audit your company or division’s marketing practices and show key stakeholders a true picture of the current marketing situation. Via the 7 Pillars methodology and utilization of the Marketing Matrix, our instructors will initiate the creation of a new set of marketing strategies while upgrading existing tactics, making all actions accountable, and reimagining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the coming quarters.
Key Features of Custom 7 Pillars Workshops include:
Development of a customized 7 Pillars Dashboard that presents all marketing KPIs and speaks to all stakeholders
Relevant [Industry and Marketing Specific] Content and Best Practices Case Studies
Choose Suitable Length and Format [1-2 days recommended, Onsite or Blended] Team evaluations, including Work Personality Type assessments, identifying skill, setup (efficiency) and communication gaps
Engaging and aligning teams with a refreshed marketing plan, via Marketing Matrix tools.
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