An Integrated Marketing Framework that Actually Works! The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing Course.

Testimonial from
Devin Daly

Chief Operating Officer
Blue Sage Solutions

Testimonial from
Georganne Benvenuti

Marketing Director
Residential Home Funding Corp.

Testimonial of
Bobby Stefano


“Great Bootcamp, very Interactive; I enjoyed and learned.”
Amber Sentell, New York Presbyterian Hospital. November 2017.
“I appreciate that I am walking away with a strategy and tools for my business”
Will Davis, NY Entrepreneur. November 2017
“Thank you so much for helping us fine tune our value proposition to our members.”
Andrea Lew & Gary Molil, Bergen Square Historical Society, New Jersey. November 2017.
“The course gave me a great overview to continue my marketing education”
Al Alhayek, Marketing Designer, Residential Home Funding, New Jersey. November 2017.
“All instructors were great and brought something unique to the conversation; will definitely use many ideas to increase our practice”.
Frank Alexander, Columbia Orthopedics, New York. October 2017.
“Great hands-on experience, will recommend to everyone”
Victoria Reyes, Marketing manager, Capitaliza, Florida. October 2017.