7 Pillars Certification Program

The 7 Pillars system provides a means for individuals to obtain professional recognition of their high levels of knowledge of the digital marketing discipline.
The 7 Pillars professional certification is an avenue for digital marketing practitioners to demonstrate their expertise and accomplishments.
1) Have attended the one-day Digital Marketing Bootcamp.
2) Have completed the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing Online Course via UDEMY.
3) Submit a marketing plan or strategy for your company or product. The document has to specify in detail the project goals, the Pillars (Content, UX, Search, Media, CRM, Social, and Mobile) and the Modes (Brainstorming, ROI, Strategy, People, Tools, Execution, and Analytics) that are involved in the marketing plan and or strategy.
We receive powerpoint, pdf, video presentation and word files. 
The student has to schedule a presentation and send a digital format of it.
The certification process takes ten days after receiving the file.
What to Expect:
Once the process and evaluation are completed, you will receive:
1) A completion certificate indicating your level of proficiency, and expectations that coincide with your new level.
2)A link to our Linkdln page that will officially grant you the 7 Pillars Professional Certification Badge according to your level.
2) A package with the printed version of the certificate, and your belt.
From there, your “Sensei” (or teacher) can work with you to create a professional development plan that charts out additional skills and career milestones that you aspire to attain over the coming months and years.

Begin The Certification Process