Dimension I: 7 PILLARS

The Pillars constitute the first and highest-level Dimension of the model and can be likened to planets in a solar system. The Pillars are the energy centers that govern all things in the marketing Universe. Everything ultimately flows through one or more of these central tenets.

Dimension II: 7 MODES

The Modes are almost equal to the Pillars in importance. While the Pillars are more high-level and conceptual, the Modes are planes of action. Each mode describes a different stage or modality through which various marketing actions are taken.

Dimension III: 7 ANGLES

Each angle refers to the different approaches, methods and job functions that we act through. Are you approaching a problem from a Designer’s perspective? If so, you will likely apply the Creative Angle. The Angles combine with Levels (Dimension IV) to bring to life another key aspect and visual of the 7 Pillars Model – the Pyramids of Knowledge.

Dimension IV: 7 LEVELS

The Levels refer to the rank of expertise and skill within each Pillar, Mode and Angle “track” and can also be applied to the following two Dimensions, Markets and Industries. A 7 Pillars Assessment gives marketers a starting point from which they can gauge their true level. Karate Dojo analogies are used to depict the Levels by Belts – White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Black and Blue, the ultimate level reserved for masters of the game.

Dimension V: MARKETS

This Dimension includes all of the local and global exchanges which can be segmented geographically (i.e. Continent, Country, State, City), demographically (i.e. Income Level, Gender, Age, Ethnicity) and/or psychographic ally (i.e. user behavior, special interests, etc.). This dimension has been turbo-charged by explosions of web connectivity, smartphone ubiquity and includes concepts such as multi-lingual websites and hyper-local marketing campaigns


Industries includes a discussion of major and sub-business divisions (i.e. Airlines as a sub-group of Travel & Tourism). Best practices and marketing tactics differ widely by industry, as do industry terminology and the regulatory environment.

Dimension VII: TIME [Eras]

Digital Marketing best practices and tools are constantly changing. What was relevant yester- day, may not be applicable tomorrow. Dimension 7 highlights these historical and present day trends by parsing Digital Marketing into Eras, most broadly; the Past, Present and Future. You can also utilize this Dimension to map your career history, set goals for upcoming periods and gain comprehension on how many hours are required to build new skill sets, allowing you to maximize your potential.