The Marketing Matrix
7 Pillars X 7 Modes = 49 chess squares

The Marketing Matrix is a multi-dimensional chessboard upon which we can thoughtfully create and analyze our marketing strategy. It is a visualization tool that aids entrepreneurs and collaborators in the team building, tactical planning, and overall decision-making process.

The Matrix App is currently under development and scheduled for beta in Q1-2018. In the meantime, the methodology behind it is accessible through Matrix Templates, Case Studies and the 7 Pillars educational materials which reference the Matrix frequently.

Matrix Benefits: Organizational Clarity through a Dynamic, Strategy Visualization Tool

The 49er Matrix is a multi-dimensional strategic chessboard that enables marketers and project teams to do and visualize:
1. TEAM – Who is involved in the project and what are their profiles (skill sets, Work Personality Types, etc.)?
2. LEADERSHIP – Who is in charge? Who are the key stakeholders?
3. AUDIENCE – Who is the target audience (by segment)?
4. TACTICS – What are the main tasks and tactics involved? What tools are available?
5. TOOLS – What tools are being utilized and are they effective in their purpose?
6. GOALS – What does the team want to achieve in the next Quarter, Year, etc.? With what resource investments (ROI)?
7. PERFORMANCE – How is everyone performing, individually and as a team?
Here is Arman Rousta, 7 Pillars creator explain how the Matrix works.