Pillar 1: Content

For Traditional and Digital Marketing alike, content is (and always will be) King! Content is the lifeblood and voice of all marketing, particularly with searchable, online information nowadays. Content is a prominent Pillar and works through the other Pillars in a more interdependent manner than any other.

Pillar 2: Design

If Content is King, User Experience (UX) Design is Queen. The synergy between the two determines brand equity and expression.

Pillar 3: Search

Mastery of Search or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yields billions of dollars in revenue and is accessible to even the smallest of companies. The search goes far beyond Google – and it becomes all the more important as the numbers of websites, pages, blogs, and apps continue to proliferate.?

Pillar 4: Media

Media is the most trackable and targetable marketing medium in human history. Paid Online Media, as opposed to Earned Media (Organic Social Media and SEO) and Owned Media (Publishers who own the content and advertising channels), is the most popular form of Digital Marketing and is also where the most money is spent. Moreover, it is also the reason why most of the information across the
Internet is “free” to users.

Pillar 5: CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in the context of the 7 Pillars model, refers to all forms of customer or lead interaction and the associated tools (including Email) that organizations use to manage their contact data. Segmenting user databases by various demographics and characteristics is critical to customer retention and lead nurturing.

Pillar 6: Social

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat – and the list of popular Social networks keeps evolving, with now over 3 billion active worldwide users. Every online person participates in Social Media through some form or another, presenting a great opportunity for engagement with organizations and brands.

Pillar 7: Mobile

Mobile, by far, presents the broadest, most scalable opportunity for marketers to connect with customers in a very personal way. Mobile is now the leading prism through which people now engage with information, people and companies.