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“The 7 Work Personality Types: Know Yourself and Establish Your Niche in the Workplace”

Unhappiness plagues the halls of Corporate and Startup America alike. Whether you are a C-suite Executive or novice employee, finding your workplace personality type (or types) is key to improving your mental and physical health and productivity.  With this book, you will learn how to nail your perfect job as well as how to better work with those around you to ultimately achieve a happy and healthy work life.

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What industry experts are saying about The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing:

“Move over 6 Sigma! 7 Pillars is a scientific marketing methodology that makes sense of the vast and ever-changing ad tech industry. From Search to Social Media, this book is a fantastic introduction and foundation upon which one learns how to carve out their niche in the Internet ecosystem. 7 Pillars actually goes beyond marketing, as it applies well to business and management challenges too!”
Matt McGowan, Strategy @ Google and YouTube

“To navigate this exciting new digital world one needs a manual, a guide and a body of proven wisdom. The book you hold in your hands will stand the test of time and can be a key component of your digital marketing success for years to come.”
David Houle, Futurist and Author of The Shift Age

“I have personally witnessed the successful application of the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing now twice, with major tourism and healthcare organizations in the Caribbean. This is not theoretical – it is a practical guide and toolbox, that deals skillfully with budgeting, ROI, branding and the various forms of lead generation and customer management that are required nowadays to remain competitive. I wish that we could have kept it under the radar longer; but at the same time, I am happy to see the marketing community receive this gift from Arman! This book will whet your appetite and leave you wanting more.”
Shomari Scott, Marketing Director of Health City and formerly for Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

“7 Pillars is what agencies need to create winning strategies for their clients. It’s based on years of practical experience that Arman has managed to convert into applied methodology. That is the key that makes it relevant and useful.”
Givi Topchishvili, Founder & President of 9.8 Group

“In this era, more than ever we need a blueprint for digital marketing, and 7 Pillars is here to help marketers optimize every single aspect of their work. We needed a guide to think, plan and measure. At Web Congress, we think this book should be in every marketers hands.”
Ouali Benmeziane, CEO, WebCongress, Inc

“Today, the world is overwhelmed with Digital, Social, Mobile Marketing tactics, tricks, tools and advice. Making it nearly impossible to figure out how to build a thoughtful plan of attack. Fortunately for all marketers and business owners, 7 Pillars has come along to help us all get a firm grasp on what matters most, how to prioritize and get a strong foundation for Digital Marketing success.”
Aaron Kahlow, Founder, Online Marketing Institute

“Arman has created a new paradigm that guides brands and individuals to find their way in an increasingly complex digital world. 7 Pillars provides much needed structure and accountability to the field of marketing. This is a must read for entrepreneurs as well as everyone in corporate marketing departments.”
Rocco B. Commisso, Chairman & CEO of Mediacom Communications Corp.