The 7 Work Personality Types *

*This was formerly called Marketing Personality Types; upon application in the marketplace, we determined that they apply to all industries and people, beyond marketing – hence the name change to Work Personality Types.

“Know Thyself.” One of the keys to feeling effective and happy is to know who you are and what your purpose is, personally and professionally. Marketing teams consist of different types of people, some more attuned to various Angles and Modes than others.

WPT1: Number Cruncher

Do people tell you that you are a math whiz who has an unbiased, scientific mentality? Do you gravitate towards stats, code, excel spreadsheets, ROI analyses and pretty much anything numbers, databases, and formulas?

WPT2: Information Gatherer

Do you believe in the power of data, all kinds of data? You might be an IG if you typically search for and find information that the rest of us did not think was possible – or have the patience – to locate. Be careful though not to overanalyze your findings too much.

WPT3: Hunter

To be a hunter, you have to be aggressive, proactive and interactive. Negotiation and persuasion is your thing. You might not be the most organized person, but you sure know how to nail a sales pitch.

WPT4: Farmer

Do you find comfort in structured, detailed game plans and try to stick to them? Stable environments with proper resources fit your mindset.

WPT5: Ideator

A Farmer might organize the crops, but the Ideator plants the seeds. Are you a spark plug, a source of creative energy that shines in the early stages of a project? Limited budgets do not stop you from spinning your thought wheels.

WPT6: Doer

Do you have a “Just Do It” attitude and are you not fond of long, brainstorming meetings? You just want to know your tasks and be given the space to do
them in peace.

WPT7: Thinker

If you are less focused on the initiation of new ideas but enjoy taking ideas, analyzing them and building upon them, then you’re a classical Thinker! Some may call you a skeptic or overly analytical for how far you think through scenarios and possible outcomes, but teams need a dose of this energy to plan well.

Mega Type –Visionary

Visionary is the ultimate combination and culmination of all 7 Types. They are always three steps ahead of the business game. Their ability to see the big picture, and know how to get there, enables trailblazing
innovation to unfold.