These 7 Principles will take your Marketing Practice Beyond

When it comes to navigating thru the Digital Marketing Universe, one thing is for sure “ Change.” To keep yourself up to it you have to see, analyze and practice this ever-evolving discipline through a new prism,  a new framework, new eyes and new ways of thinking.

Here are  the 7 Core Principles of the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing that can  take your Marketing Practice Beyond:

1)   Time Mastery: Refers to proactive time management, self-knowledge, awareness, and respect for a time one’s own and others. A smart Marketeer recognizes that momentum and inspiration are impacting variables to productivity. He/She understands how to maximize a team’s time by matching skills levels to prioritize projects and tasks.

2)   Goal Driven: Productive and happy Marketeers are goal oriented. Financial accountability is essential but other key performance indicators (KPL’s) such as social impact, are also important. Therefore, every undertaking ought to begin to end with evaluating goals in mind. As Albert Einstein said, “ if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.”

3)    Holistic & Integrated: “ The sum is greater than it parts” 2+2=5. Seeking value creation, and synergies amongst distinct tactics, beyond real campaign success, ethics matter. W7= Win- Win to the 7th Power and the impact on all Seven levels must be balance 1) Client, 2) Agency,3) Client Staf, 4) Agency Staf, 5) The Consumers, 6) The Communities,7) The World. Keep the balance, do good at all levels.

4)   Innovation Driven: Innovators will win Copycats are just playing catch up. Re-invent your marketing best practices, push your boundaries. Try new things and evaluate problems from different angles to stay sharp and keep your problem-solving skills fresh.

5)   Business Intelligence: When you are in doubt, pause, analyze and optimize everything. You can always learn something new by revisiting things with a clear mind and fresh set of eyes. Business Intelligence goes beyond looking at numbers; it is about generating valuable insights.

6)   Active Knowledge Sharing: Be an open source, the more we can bring together to the collective consciousness of the more than 7 billion brains on the planet, the better off we will all be.

7)   Organic & Agile Workflow: As Bruce Lee once said: “Be like water, always flexible..” High performers are focused not fixated. They accommodate variations in work styles, maintaining an agile project management where the requirements and targets are in constant movement.