Understanding Angle 3 (Technical)

There are several paths or angles one can take to ascend the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing. It is up to each of us to define the path that best matches our skills, interests, and career goals.

In regards to Angles, the 7 Pillars tells us, “The Angles represent the sides or ways up the Pyramid. Individuals choose to ascend the Pyramid (developing their skills) up one of the main sides or one of the corners…It generally makes sense to focus on 2-3 Angles; otherwise, one can tend to get stuck at certain points in their career, forcing the person to reinvent him or herself.”

Increasingly, marketers find themselves drawn to Angle 3 – the Technical Angle. Angle 3 includes technologists, programmers, and those who make up the backbone of the internet and mobile technologies. This angle – which was once seen almost as a necessary evil – has gained a new level of respect and notoriety lately.

As technology has increasingly infiltrated the mainstream, we see more and more programmers taking on leadership roles at major companies. In this age, technical knowledge has become a prerequisite to ascending the ranks of these fast-moving organizations.

For many marketers, however, the technical angle can be the most daunting one to approach. In addition to its complex nature, the shifts in this area are so rapid that it can be hard to keep up – even for the most seasoned among us. So, how does a nontechnical marketer ascend this angle?

The first thing to realize is that no longer can any of us claim to be nontechnical. Technical literacy is now a requirement of the profession. As a marketing leader, you don’t necessarily have to know how to program, but you must know how it works. Familiarize yourself with the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other top languages. Create a simple site using WordPress or Squarespace. Understand how apps work and what new communication opportunities they unlock.

As marketers, we are first and foremost communicators. And in order to communicate with people today, we must understand how technology works and how our customers use it in their daily lives. While the technical angle can seem daunting, it has and will continue to redefine the way we all consume information the way we as marketers do our jobs.