Understanding Core Principle 4 (Innovation Driven)

Of the seven core principles (defining characteristics that pervade the 7 Pillars methodology), perhaps none is more evident in the world today than Core Principle 4 – Innovation Driven. Every new invention or tool we use as digital marketers is due to this principle.

The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing tells us this about Core Principle 4 –“7 Pillars is about re-inventing and pushing the boundaries on best practices, which are changing faster than ever. You must try new things and evaluate problems from multiple angles in order to stay sharp and keep your problem-solving faculties fresh.”

To better understand Core Principle 4, let’s take a look at how innovation is transforming some of the biggest industries in the world.

For the past 100 years, car ownership was almost a requirement for Americans. Cars were both a status symbol and our primary means of transportation. In the last few years, however, innovation driven companies like Uber and Lyft have started to redefine our relationship with cars. No longer do young people feel the need to own a car when they can access rides on-demand right from their phones, without the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining a car of their own. If you would have warned auto executives about this phenomenon in the ‘90s, they would have laughed you out of their offices. But with technology and an innovative approach, Uber, Lyft, and others have completely turned the transportation industry upside down.

If you’ve been following the tech news lately, you’ve heard about “cord-cutters” – those who are cancelling their cable subscriptions to watch movies and shows online. Very quickly, the stranglehold that cable companies have had on entertainment has dissipated and made them less and less relevant. One look at the programs winning The Golden Globes and other award shows reveal how quickly platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have taken the lead in producing incredible content. Again, established corporations are losing out to more agile, innovative organizations.

The Smart Home
Perhaps the most impactful innovation of our generation, the Internet of Things is poised to completely change the way we live at home. Products like Nest are just scratching at the surface, but point to what can happen when our devices and homes themselves can access the internet at all times. Soon, the idea of having an appliance not connected to the internet will feel as outdated as wood paneling. There is a huge opportunity for innovative companies and entrepreneurs to offer new products and experiences that improve our daily lives in unimaginable ways.

As a marketer, you should ask yourself, “how innovative is my work?” Are you taking advantage of the amazing time we live in to offer smart new products and services to your clients? If not, take inspiration from these companies and push yourself to innovate more every day.