4 Top Tips for Effective Mobile Video Advertising (Pillar 7)

Let’s talk about Pillar 7 – Mobile. One thing’s for sure, the power of video as a digital advertising tool continues to grow and grow…and grow.

The consumption of mobile video is here to stay and its poised to account for more than half of all the consumption of video content by 2016. People are now watching more than double the mobile video content they were last year (source: Ooyala 2015).

Read our quick guide below to discover (a) why you should be utilizing video advertising as part of your digital marketing mix and (b) how to best approach your video advertising strategy.

Keep it precise

With so many different streams of news, information, apps, and digital platforms out there, your audience’s attention span is at an all time low. As a result, you need to get in, get your point across in an intuitive and non-disruptive way, and get out. Shorter is better but make sure you get the context right.

Geico’s latest ads do exactly that. Geico not only successfully deals with the issue of audience attention, it embraces and owns it. The ads immediately address the viewers concern of “oh god, when will I get to watch my video?!” and use situational humor, which is proven to be extremely effective in advertising, to get their message across effectively.

The connection clue

As an advertiser, you can use your targeted customer’s constant connection to the internet to your advantage by determining their current behavior and subsequently, how receptive they may be to the ad you’re about to serve them. For example, if the user is connected to Wi-Fi, then they are most likely stationary at the moment, either at home or a restaurant etc. However, if they’re connected through their cellular data, then they’re probably on the move. Consumer location can greatly improve your geo-targeting for mobile video ads as well, which leads us to our next point.

Location, location, location

Consumer location technology may still be in its infancy, but it’s safe to say the industry has made grade strides. By using location based targeting, you can determine both the potential interest and intention of your customer. For instance, it’s now possible to target a customer based on a recent visit he or she may have paid to one of your competitors’ stores. This combination of real-context and real-time targeting allows you to deliver tailor-made content to your audience.

Analyze this

If someone views one of your videos, that alone probably isn’t a great indication of their interest. It’s also important to bear in mind that each different platform has its own natural strengths and weaknesses. For example, while desktop may be superior at increasing conversions, mobile can be better for increasing awareness and engagement levels. The sweet spot for your ROI exists where you can successfully leverage the strengths of each platform, which means creating a link between your target market’s purchase in-store and their previous activity online.

To wrap it up

Don’t be mistaken, a smaller screen doesn’t minimize your opportunities for effective advertising. With more digital platforms now accepting and optimizing for mobile video, the time to start building a strong presence as a brand in the mobile video realm is now.

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