The Basics of Email Marketing on Mobile (Pillar 5)

Emails and mobile devices play essential roles in the daily lives of almost every American. And with that, email marketing on mobile is exceedingly important.

On the outset, it’s worth noting that one of the main goals of any email marketing campaign on mobile devices is to improve click-through rates. In order to effectively target consumers, however, digital marketers must first learn what type of smartphone an individual uses. If a consumer uses an iPhone, then an email must be completely redesigned and tailored to the Apple interface.

To that end, hyper-targeting consumers based on data, in most cases, is quite valuable. Ensuring that the email itself is elegant and user-friendly on a mobile device is equally as valuable; it only improves click-through rates.

It may sound simple, but you have to fully identify your company in a recognizable form. If a consumer doesn’t recognize your companies’ name, chances are your email ad will never even be opened. For example, if your company is called Joe’s Pizza, make sure your “from name” is not something like an abbreviation (i.e. “JP’s”). In short, always ensure that a consumer who views your email in his or her inbox will immediately recognize your brand.

The same goes with a “reply address.” Everyone hates responding to an email ad only to receive the dreaded email response in return. Use the same hyper-targeting principles mentioned above with replies to ensure that your consumers are directed to an appropriate person or department if they respond to your email ad. The more positive conversations that you have with your consumers, the better off you will be – a boring “no-reply” email response squanders valuable dialogue. If consumers take the time to answer your mobile ad, you should take the time to answer them.

Remember the basics:

  1. Every email must have an unsubscribe link to comply with CAN-SPAM.
  2. Include a postal address in your ads as well as a link to a map of your closest brick-and-mortar stores, if you have any. If someone is using his/her smartphone to view your emails, it should be easy for the him/her to use your ad as a springboard for making purchases or visiting your store.
  3. If consumers leaves your website with items remaining in their online shopping cart, be sure to follow up with them via a targeted email ad/reminder about what they were going to buy and what related products you sell.
  4. Ensure that there are links in your emails so consumers can easily access the information and products they want from their smartphones.
  5. Value: your click through rates will never improve unless you establish a track record of providing consumers with something they want, something they need, or something that is valuable to them.

Since almost 50% of all email ads are opened on mobile, it’s important to keep these mobile email principles in mind. Your email has to look good, be user friendly, provide value, and identify your brand clearly and effectively. Happy mobile emailing!