7 Quick Tips to Attack the Very Popular 6th Pillar (SOCIAL MEDIA)

It is no secret that social media has become one of the most popular communication and promotion tools of modern times. However, the more popular it becomes, the more complex it seems and the more people get confused about how to use it effectively. Hopefully, my 7 quick tips will help clear some confusion for novices as well as seasoned users of our beloved social platforms!

  1. Before even putting together your content for the upcoming week, you should first understand the performance of your social accounts. You need to investigate what types of content are and aren’t engaging your audience using free Analytic programs (i.e. twitter analytics etc.).
  2. Do your homework and research what kinds of search topics are “hot” and tailor your content to mirror these themes.
  3. Don’t get paralyzed by data and spend countless hours strategizing. Actually, execute and push out original, meaningful content.
  4. But, remember it is better not to post than to just add random news and information. Social media is all about understanding your audience’s expectations and being consistent in content.
  5. Err on the side of caution. Don’t rely on platform tools that allow you to schedule social media posts at certain times and days. It may save you some time, but the negatives far outweigh the positives. This time-saving strategy can negatively impact your organic reach on Facebook because these sorts of posts are considered to be pulled automatically.
  6. You are on a social platform so be social! And do it quickly! If your audience makes pertinent public or private comments on a post, you should reply shortly afterwards. It is a sign of respect to your followers and fans. Recently, Facebook added a new feature (a button at the top of your page) that indicates to new visitors how quickly you respond to audience comments so be vigilant!
  7. Last but not least, let’s chat about Facebook ads. There is now a score that measures how relevant an ad is for a targeted audience. The lower the score, the more expensive the Cost Per Click (CPC ) is. For instance, if the score is 3 out of 10, you might pay up to 0.90 cents per click. In comparison, a very relevant ad with a score of 10 out of 10 might lower the CPC to approximately 0.10 cents.

In conclusion, social media is no longer for teenagers who believe they know how to do it. We all have something to learn in this space. Building a credible brand and an effective campaign online has become as technical as mathematics. Social media mistakes that once were considered small can now ruin your brand. While personal accounts can organically garner friends’ sympathy, comments or reactions without much thought, in the business world, everything is related to metrics – NUMBER, NUMBERS, NUMBERS- and strategy! They need to make sense in order to be profitable and effective for your company.