How to Build a Successful Marketing Team

Are you a manager of a marketing company? Have you ever been overwhelmed by how to manage the very different personality types that exist in this industry? At 7 Pillars, we believe that team chemistry is important. It can make or break a campaign in any marketing realm (digital, traditional or integrated). The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing Model delineates these various characters into 7 Marketing Personality Types (MPTs): Number Cruncher, Information Gatherer, Hunter, Farmer, Idea Person, Doer, and Visionary.  Each MPT is present in all people to some degree. However, there are chronic individual differences in the predominance of each.  No one MPT is better than any other. It’s all about tradeoffs and working together.

Every MPT has preferred strategies and tactics for pursuing a marketing goal. For example, while a Visionary could sit in a room all day and work on perfecting the next best creative idea for a campaign, a Hunter would rather skip the ideation process and go for the kill (ie. make the sale). These two MPTs might not work well together. Theymight get frustrated with each other, setting off several wasteful conflagrations. By contrast, when a Visionary and a Doer come together, magic  happens. A Doer likes to execute marketing strategies but he or she also like to implement the right strategies. They are less aggressive and more patient and resourceful than a Hunter and are willing to wait for the Visionary’s input and direction.

Building an efficient, effective and happy marketing team is not just about finding the right technical and creative talent but the right personalities. The quality of deliverables suffers when work relationships are either stagnant or vitriolic. People don’t leave companies, they leave teams and managers.

Finding the best fit of talent and personality is challenging, but it can be done! The 7 Pillars Academy offers a comprehensive method for managers to assemble this perfect team of skilled and passionate personalities. Stay tuned and look out for our next edition of the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing Handbook!